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You may be required to undergo a Chemical Health Evaluation (or a Chemical Health Assessment), if you have been:

  Do you need a chemical health assessment?   ● Arrested or convicted of a DUI / DWI

  ● Involved in a court case where substance use may be an issue

  ● In a situation at work or school where substance use may be a concern

  ● Concerned about your own personal use of alcohol or chemical substances



● A chemical health evaluation consists of collecting biological, social, psychological and historical personal data. This information is gathered through interviews and diagnostic screening materials.

● The data is analyzed to determine your personal level of involvement concerning alcohol use and/or other chemical substances. This assessment is used by the evaluator to determine formal recommendations.

● A chemical health assessment contains confidential information. This information is only released to third parties after the individual has provided his/her consent by signing a release of information form.

Chemical Health Assessment  


● We work for you, supporting you and we bring years of experience to help you with your situation.

● We provide unbiased and objective chemical health assessments conducted by licensed, accredited evaluators.

  Don’t allow yourself to be the product of unforeseen consequences 
 simply because no one told you how to manage your situation.


● Call 612-282-5576 to schedule appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment, please call 24 hours ahead to reschedule.

● We have three convenient locations in the Twin Cities Metro Area:

7040 Lakeland Ave. N, #203, Brooklyn Park, MN 

2233 University Ave. W, #341, St. Paul, MN

● We do not accept insurance for payment. Note: If your insurance company covers your chemical health evaluation, you may not not want to file a claim. Filing a claim will make your assessment a permanent part of your medical information.  Try not to let a legal issue become a medical issue.  Medical records may be used to determine insurability for insurance produts such as life, disability and long term care insurance.

● Payment is due at the time of your appointment. We accept cash or checks.

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